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  • 2mm ultra-thin stone
  • 48"x96"
  • Flexible stone
  • Unlimited applications
  • Easy Installation
  • Install over existing surfaces
  • Easy upgrade to a luxurious surface


BAST SLIMSTONE products are some of the most innovative products to enter the natural stone surface coverage in decades. Breakthroughs in extraction technology have allowed us to precisely separate fractional layers of a variety of slates, quartzites, sandstones, and limestones in such a manner that virtually all previously prohibitive properties of this stone (weight, rigidity, handling, volume) have been eliminated, while properties never thought possible in stone (flexibility, extreme durability, laminate thickness) have been unleashed. Most importantly, both the undeniable aesthetic beauty and prestige associated with a natural stone surface are no longer in contradiction with the values of a market increasingly focused on sustainable extraction, cost-effective delivery, and simple installation practices.


SKU: MS-107
  • • For the first three months after installation, some small pieces may flake or break off. This is called “spalling”,and is a natural process that occurs as the SLIMSTONE panels acclimate to the new environment. You may notice some small chips on the surface, lightly sweep the flakes from the surface to help release the chips. The spalling will stop on its own once the product has settled. 4

    • Slates, Quartzite and Sandstone are natural stones, so some acids and alkaline cleaners may etch the surface. Wash the SLIMSTONE panels as needed with either a stone cleaner or a mild detergent with a neutral pH. Do not use cleaners that contain lemon or vinegar, as these ingredients can cause etching. Rinse the stone tiles with clean water, and dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.


    • While sealing low wear and dry surfaces, a single annual treatment with a common single component sealer will make such applications virtually maintenance free, this will ensure that the surface will not be penetrated by any oil/water/grease, etc.

    • For low wear surfaces with a higher likelihood of stains/wetness, this single treatment of sealant is highly recommended

    • An annual treatment with basic stone enhancers is recommended.

    • For high wear surfaces, we recommend multiple treatments annually. Utilize thick coats of Multi-Component sealers/enhancers during each treatment. Frequeny of treatments should be dictated according to the directions provided by the sealant manufacturer.

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